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he association is entrusted with safety inspection such as banner designated posts and outdoor advertisements in Gimhae City, and actively participates in illegal advertisement maintenance activities to cultivate the beautiful Gimhae City. In the future, the association will actively promote the development of advertising culture in line with the beautiful urban beauty of Gimhae City.

지정게시대 접수절차

  • 회원가입 인증 후 로그인
  • 추첨신청(익월분)매월 1~3일
  • 추첨처리 4일10:30(휴일익일)
  • 미배정신청 추첨 후 익일(10:00~)
  • 수수료납부 익일 입금(~16:00)
  • 현수막 제출게시 7일전까지